When you are longing to reconnect, enhance, and ignite your intimate relationship


Whether you are married, in a committed partnership, or dating, relationship challenges are inevitable. Some may even seem insurmountable, especially when there have been emotional injuries or a history of unhealthy romantic relationships.


are you feeling disconnected and alone in your relationship?


  • Are you worried about the growing emotional, physical and intimate distance between you and your partner? You want to address it, but you just don't know where to begin; it's too overwhelming.


  • Do you crave moments of meaningful connections with each other, just like you used to? Between work, kids, and the countless obligations that are pulling you in every direction, it seems impossible to find your way back to each other.


  • Do you find yourselves walking on eggshells around each other, hoping to make it through the week without having the same arguments over and over? It feels like avoiding each other is better than being in the same room.


  • Are you reeling after uncovering an affair or deceit? There's a part of you that is so angry, you want to run away and another part of you that wants to believe there’s still something good worth fighting for.


(RE)connection ONLY begins WITH A PROVEN PROCESS


As a specialized relationship expert and certified in the gold-standard of couples counseling (Emotionally Focused Therapy), I will provide you with an evidence-based approach so that you can have those really important conversations you need in order to feel connected and secure again in your relationship.


  • Within a few sessions, you will identify your negative cycle and practice how to stop it before it takes over.

  • You will access the underlying emotions and needs that have remained buried for so long underneath your defenses.

  • You will learn how to communicate your longings and have them be responded to in a loving way. 

  • You will experience and perfect the art of repairing to preserve your relationship from future moments of disconnection.

  • You will gain insight as to what made your marriage vulnerable to infidelity and reclaim it to make it safe and secure again. 


You can trust that I will meet any of your relationship struggles with compassion and most importantly with a trained eye, including matters of sexual intimacy, deep emotional injuries, like unpacking the fallout from infidelity, or picking up the pieces after a breakup or divorce.


I encourage you to find out more about me, my philosophy, and invite you to book a FREE consultation to ask any questions you may have.



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