Couples with children may argue more ... because children are a reminder of just how crucial our choices are.
— Jennifer Senior

Parental Tensions

From the moment we decide to have children, our focus quickly shifts from "you and me" to "them" (the children). We research the best strollers, the best educational toys, the best after-school activities in the hopes of fostering the most well-rounded children. And when our kids are struggling with school, with friends, or within the family unit, many concerned parents tap into their resourcefulness to find help for their children. Maybe they get a few parenting tips from their child's therapist (wonderful!). But what about the couple that anchors the family unit?

Sadly, there is no support provided for the couple before, during, or after they have children to prepare them for the shifts in dynamics and, most importantly, to maintain their connection. When the going get rough (sleepless nights, trouble at home, etc.) we are quick to assume that since we're the adults, we have a handle on the situation and our own emotions. However, in truth, we are weary, anxious, and often times feeling alone in our relationship and with the myriad decisions that are before us.  

Furthermore, we inherently parent from a blue print handed down from our family of origin and re-create patterns in our marriage that promote a similar familiarity. Together we can break down the walls and dynamics that perpetuate these cycles. I can help you understand what keeps you from parenting from a place of real connection with each other and your children.


67% of couples reported decline in relationship satisfaction after birth of first child.

THere's lots of resources in pregnancy and in parenting, but a gap in attend to the changing dynamics with couples. 

Helping you working with the changes in your relationship, rather than fighting against the change.