Individual Psychotherapy

We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.
— Anaïs Nin



If you are in a committed relationship but your partner is not ready to attend couples counseling or you would rather work on your relationship first through individual counseling, circumstances do not have to stop you from gaining a deeper insight into your relationship -- both the one with your partner, but most importantly with yourself. 


Whether you are sitting in complete disillusionment, feeling like you are simply going through the motions of being in a relationship, fantasizing or acting on having a relationship outside of your current one, I can help you find the experiences and meanings that engender and foster your state of mind. 


The work and dedication it takes to make your relationship(s) better start with you. They start with you showing up for yourself with intention and mindfulness. When you are juggling a myriad of obligations and responsibilities, there is often little room for you, let alone your relationship. Couples feel most connected when each partner is able to gain insight into their personal shadow parts that stop them from putting their best-self forward. 

I have worked with countless individuals by providing them with the guidance, process, and emotional space needed to truly understand what informs their behaviors and internal dialogue when they are in intimate relationships.


waiting for love: the never enough perfectionist


You seemingly have it all together -- you're accomplished, sociable, interesting. You've had a string of relationships that never seemed to lead to the commitment you are looking for. You have high expectations of others and yourself. Relationships rarely seem to measure up. But to what exactly? Where did this "check list" come from? 



stuck, waiting, and discouraged


Do you find yourself in a pattern of ending up in the wrong relationships?  You think you are looking for right person based one what you know about yourself (or maybe what your family tells you is good for you), yet you find yourself disappointed and heartbroken. Does it feel like your voice is missing once you enter a romantic relationship? It's time to own your story and reclaim your place in any partnership.